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Dread Pirate currently receives email from this website. At this time, I am honored to carry on correspondence by email. Please do not send email to the webmaster to forward. Mail to the webmaster via the “Contact the Webmaster” email link will not be forwarded to Dread. Please use the link below to contact the Dread Pirate via email.

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Permission to quote, copy, reprint, use passages or works

If you are requesting to quote, copy, reprint or use my work in any way, please do not send the request directly to me. Send requests to DPebooks. Team DPe will respond as promptly as possible. (They will answer when Dread does not have them off swabbing the deck or chasing booty!) In most cases, all reasonable requests will be responded to in a positively charged highly motivated manner. Please send request via snail mail if you are serious or email if you don’t really care. (See above for contact information)


Advice on writing projects, manuscripts, or books

I will not give you advice on how to outline, write, rewrite, proof, market, or sell your ebook/book in the motivational essay genre. Nor can I, or will I refer you to an agent. You are asking me to do the job performed by writing consultants, manuscript doctors, literary agents and other useless professions. I am a writer; I am not a useless professional on which barnacles grow. I do not condone the use of any or all of these supposed professionals. The last dozen or so hardback novels I have purchased have had more than one obvious mistake in the first three chapters of the book. You wrote your book, have it proof read and forget the rest of the people who will remove your hard earned booty from your treasure chest all in the name of “editing”. Odds are they will miss the most blatant of errors anyway.


Joint efforts, anthologies and essay & poetry compilations/competitions

In the name of motivation, I will gladly contribute to joint efforts, anthologies or short story, motivational essay or poetry compilations, etc. I will not participate in any effort that requires any cash outlay on my part. I will not participate in any effort where I do not retain full copyright of all of my work. Hard copy correspondence (letter of interest) only, must be sent via snail mail explaining the project in full, authors copyright retention, describe the audience you are looking to motivate, a short description of the motivated effort, if it will be self published or the name of the target publisher, distribution projection (Provide the number of copies that will be created on the first run, and subsequent runs, how many overall copy’s will be released and for what period of time the work will be available for free/sale.), and all restrictions and requirements of the project. Include information on if the end product will be distributed for free or at what price the effort will be sold. Explain in nauseating detail how the distribution will be tracked and how proceeds of the effort will be dispersed between the contributing authors if the effort is a sale effort. If the project pays in some other way, describe in detail the specifications. Provide a legal statement and copy of binding agreement/contract, in hard copy, that states, all the above information for review and signature along with your letter of interest. Make sure to include a complete description of the author/agent/company and a list of literary accomplishments/publications. Include the full contact information for the project point of contact, to include snail mail and email addresses in initial correspondence.

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